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Instructions for Bill Payment

                 ONLINE BILL PAYMENT can be done from 00:30 Hrs to 23:30 Hrs
Step 1: Enter Your Telephone Number.
Step 2: Enter Your CA Number/Registered Email ID /Mobile Number.
Step 3: To get E-Bill on Your E-mail                  Click Here
Step 4: To get Duplicate Bill Receipt through Selfcare   Click Here
Please Insert the following Details to View Bill Details (Insert C.A No for Detail Bill and Mobile/Email Id for Quick Bill)
Telephone No :                                         
C.A. No./ Email ID / Mobile No            
Bill Payment Option :                          
Note: 1.A/C Finalized Customer Insert C.A number and Select Detail Bill
2.Safe custody Customer and customer with telephone number started with 1 or 99 Insert C.A number and Select Quick Bill