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MTNL Mumbai has introduced three Mobile Apps for MTNL Customers. These Apps are presently working on Android OS platform.

MTNL Selfcare Mobile App

Using MTNL Selfcare mobile apps,customers can avail followng facilities.

* Registration:-Customer can book new Landline/Broadband connection, user registration and duplicate receipt for the Landline/Broadband connection
* Leased Circuit Booking-User can register for Leased circuits.
* Bill Payment:-Customer  can pay his Landline/Broadband bill.
* Complaint Booking:-User can book online for his landline and broadband faults.
* E-bill Registration:-User can register his email for receiving bills on his emails.
* Tracking:-User can track his faults, work orders etc online.

MTNL Customer Connect App

Using MTNL customer connect mobile app customers can avail followng facilities.

* Knowing the information of various plans being launched by the MTNL, Mumbai related to Mobile, Landline, Broadband, Blackberry, VAS, and Data Services.
* Display MTNL Customer Service Centre (CSC) as per the location/area specified by the user.
* Provides download forms and files.
* Display selected CSC location on Google map.
* Sort and display list of plans according to the likes

MTNL Telephone Directory Apps

This mobile App enable customers to search MTNL Telephone Directory online with various search options as given below. The infromation can be availed through 2G/3G data connection or through SMS.

                      SEARCH OPTIONS
* Search name and address by telephone number.
* Search telephone number by name and address.
* Search new telephone number by old telephone number.
* Other Information on MTNL Mumbai Directory like-
* Online Directory Service 1297 Service
* CNAS Service